Sonic Fruit

"Bukky Sky’s warm, serene vocals that leave you stunned. Effortlessly gliding between late-night lounge jazz, chilled-out indie rock, and more the piece defies easy categorization. By far the very beating heart comes from his clever lyricism that is delivered with a grace that feels timeless"

"written with a self-reflection, a sense of pure personal poetry"

"draw from Portishead’s trippy dark atmospherics as well as the Smiths at the peak of their 80s powers."

"His voice keeps things in a dream-like state, as if he was a singer in a David Lynch film"

Still Water

"Bukky Sky teeters dangerously close to an emotional overflow as new track Amazing holds tight to a near-overwhelming saccharine nostalgia."

"With a slow-burning, romantic appeal reminiscent of Dan Bejar’s Destroyer, there’s a purposeful drive within his storytelling, both self-aware and remorseful, yet hopeful and considerate"

"Amazing is a refreshing take on the self-assured nature of modern day pop."

The Bops Collective

"Inspired by the ghosting phenomenon made prevalent by social media and dating apps, the song flawlessly incorporates a vintage aesthetic to speak on the contemporary nature of this problem which has been around since the dawn of time."

"As we move to a gospel-inspired spoken word section for the outro, I’m reminded of Kendrick Lamar on To Pimp A Butterfly"

Your Music Experience

"Elegant, classy, sexy, the ‘Amazing’ video is an old fashioned movie, that brings us back to the magnetic atmospheres of Portishead, with a spellbinding retro texture. ‘Amazing’ is a Martini left untouched in a solitary lounge bar, it’s a convoluted plot of menage à trois and social dynamics, visually and harmonically"


Future Radio Norwich Playlist B

Boogaloo - Peggy's Daylight Rockery


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